Getting Us Connected

Please contact Accudata Service at (954) 746-0399 before clicking on one of the options listed below.

Have you filled out our new Business Associate Agreement yet? Effective 9/23/2013 we can't connect to your system without one!
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Click Here to Download and Install LogMeIn on your ComputerBy installing LogMeIn on your machine, our support representatives will be able to log into your computer anytime you need help with a support issue. Many of our clients prefer this method because it does not require the client to initiate the connection.



Click Here to Download and Install ShowMyPC on your ComputerShowMyPC allows our clients to generate a temporary four digit pass code to allow our technical support team to access their computer. This option does require that our clients are able to access the computer to get us connected.



Click here if you need to download a viewer for ShowMyPC

Accudata Online Support

Click Here to Download and Install Accudata Online Support to your ComputerOnline support is an option that allows you to select a support representative to get connected to your computer. This is similar to ShowMyPC because it only allows access to your computer while it is running. This option requires that our client initiates contact with us.




Click Here to Download and Install Join.Me to your ComputerJoin.Me will give you the ability to share your computer screen with multiple people at the same time. Once installed, you will provide the Join.Me nine digit pass code and they will be able to view your computer screen. This option is used when we need to get multiple people connected to one computer.