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Medicare Payment Adjustments Keep Rising

This year is the first year for payment adjustments for failure to attest for Meaningful Use (using an EMR) and there is an increased PQRS penalty. Over the next few years failure to participate in these programs will only result in increased penalties.

Accudata has solutions to help you get up and running on EHR to avoid these penalties in a cost effective way. It's time to look at the total cost of the Medicare penalties over the next few years and then give us a call to get started.

 For the last several months I have felt slightly like Paul Revere...HIPAA is coming! HIPAA is coming! I think many of my co-workers have regarded me more as Chicken Little.


 Effective Sept 23, 2013 HIPAA officially comes to Accudata...and all of your other Business Associates. The new HIPAA Omnibus Rule which take effect on 9/23 makes BA's liable under the HIPAA Security Rule and components of the Privacy Rule (along with a number of other changes).


 After months of talk I finally required our staff to go through the required "generic" HIPAA training. And I have just (and I mean that literally) finished 3 days of work on our HIPAA Security Manual and new "Omnibus ready" Business Associate Agreement.


 All I can say is WOW. I know it's been 10 years since most of you went through that, but I can't imagine if we had to write a Privacy Manual as well. The first pass on our Security Manual is done and the final copy will be available for download on our website on Sept 23 (assuming any of you need something to read that will help you sleep).

 A couple of things I want to make sure you are aware of:

  •  There are a host of new requirements for Business Associates in the Omnibus Rule that takes effect on 9/23, as a result you need to get a new BAA from all of your BA's. Given that I have only had 1 client ask me for one over the last several years, I know this is something that has fallen by the wayside over the last decade. Our new BAA is attached. Please fill it out and either scan it and email it back to me or fax it to me at 954-905-4307. It is executed once I sign it and fax it back to you. I will fax it back within 5 business days. If you do not receive it back within 5 business days it means I didn't get it, so send it again and call me.


    •  This is important: we will not connect remotely to any office for whom we do not have a BAA on file effective 9/23/13, so make sure you sign it and send it in.


  •  Next, in the past many (most?) of our client's weren't too concerned with HIPAA, mainly because there were no "HIPAA Police". That is not the case anymore. HIPAA is now being "policed" by the Office of Civil Rights and they have ramped up enforcement staff. It used to be if you were found to be in non-compliance you could claim you "didn't know" and get a slap on the wrist. That is not the case anymore. Now if a reasonable person should have known, you can get stiff monetary penalties for non-compliance.


  •  What was incredibly interesting to me in all of my training, reading and prep, was how many components of the Security Rule I know without a doubt our clients are in non-compliance with. The Security Rule specifically requires:
    •  Data Backup (repeatedly)
    •  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
    •  Network Security Risk Analysis

These are all products and services that we offer, and are frequently not taken advantage of; in fact the number of clients who lose critical ePHI because they do not have a data backup or UPS is terrifying. It's time!


Jason in our office will be sending out an email in the next few days detailing these offerings and how they will help you meet some of the HIPAA requirements. In the meantime, print out and fill out the attached BAA and get it back to me. And start gathering them from your other Business Associates. If your current agreement is older than Jan 1 it needs to be replaced.


 I have to train our staff on our HIPAA Security Policies and Procedures, so our office will be closed next Friday afternoon (8/23) and we will be trying to push through it in 3 hours. Training your staff on your implementation of HIPAA is a requirement, so if you haven't done it in the last few years, you need to make the time to do that. We've been using for the generic training, but training on your own policies and procedures can only be done in house.


 And get ready, right on the heels of the HIPAA changes is the new CMS claim form (it won't be an April Fool's prank) and ICD-10...but more on that next week, when I come out of the HIPAA fog I'm currently in!


 I hope you have enjoyed the year and a half of "quiet" after ANSI we go again!

 Best wishes,


Accudata's HIPAA Security Officer (do I get a badge?)


In case you missed it, Cindy had a very important announcement about the future of Accudata on April 1st:

Setting up the Sequester Adjustment for ERA Posting

Do you want to track the adjustment amount for the 2% sequester deduction separately? If yes start at step 1, if you want to track it with the rest of your adjustments start at step 8

1.       Click Lists

2.       Click Procedure/Payment/Adjustment Codes

3.       Click New

4.       In the code box type in what you want to call it, for example SEQADJ

5.       In the  Description box type in the description, for example “Sequester Adjustment”

6.       In the Code Type box select Insurance Adjustment

7.       Click Save

seq adj code

8.       Click Activities

9.       Click Revenue Management

10.   Click Revenue Management

11.   Click Configure

12.   Click Preferences

13.   Click the Assign Posting Codes tab

14.   Scroll down to 223

15.   Underneath the receiver you use (and you can fill it in all the way across if you are unsure) select the code you created in step 4 (or whatever insurance adjustment code you want to use to track this) from the drop down list

16.   Click Save at the top

seq era setup

You’re done!

What are you doing on March 14?

There’s a lot going on in healthcare, it seems to get more complicated all the time. But we are always looking for ways to help, tools we can provide you to make your life easier (and more profitable). We’ve come up with several great ones, but rather than slamming you with a ton of boring sale e-mails, we are hosting a free event to show you all of them!